Inflation is melting away your retirement savings, while gold and silver bullion are rapidly and steadily increasing in value.

Holdings in gold bullion have increased in value, compounding at 27% per year for the past five years for a return of 221% over the period.

The trend is accelerating with gold up 48% in the past year.

Silver bullion holdings have done even better, compounding at 36% per year with a total return of 360% on all dollars invested in silver five years ago.

And over the past year alone, silver is up 118%.

A recent Gallup poll states that gold is now the top long-term investment choice for Americans -- with 34% preferring gold, 19% real estate, 17% stocks/mutual funds, 14% savings accounts/CDs, and 10% bonds.

While Americans feel that gold is the place to invest long-term, most have not taken action yet. When they do, the prices of gold and silver will take off at far higher rates than ever.

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